Even though this year's event is virtual, we can all stay just as connected through social media! Connect with other attendees and help us amplify the event by taking a picture (or screenshot) of yourself at one of today’s virtual activities and/or with your legislator and post it to social media. Share why you’re proud to be a part of Minnesota’s clean energy sector. Don’t forget to tag your legislator and a few of the hashtags below!

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Image by Alexander Shatov


I’m proud to work in Minnesota’s #cleanenergy industry! Virtually attending #cleanenergybiz day today to share my experiences with my elected official <insert name/@twitter handle>. #mnleg

Image by Alexander Shatov


Minnesota's #cleanenergy industry is growing 2.5X faster than all other job sectors in the state! Big reason to cheer that @GovTimWalz proclaimed today Clean Energy Business Day! #cleanenergybizday

Image by Alexander Shatov


Happy to be beside #cleanenergy business and industry leaders today for the 2022 virtual #CleanEnergyBizDay to share real experiences with #mnleg and my elected official <insert name/handle>. 

Image by Alexander Shatov


The 2022 virtual #cleanenergybizday is here! Listening to <list of speaker handles> before meeting with my elected official <name> to talk all things #cleanenergy in MN! #mnleg